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Growing bones deserve specialized care. Children aren't just small adults; their bodies experience different injuries and require different treatment plans. ​That’s why Dr. Plakas is always on-call to help your family get through life's unexpected emergencies. Here’s what families are saying about their experiences.

Football Player with Surgical Treatment of Ankle Fracture

Mid-season, during my junior year of playing high school football, I was tackled and suffered a broken ankle. I was sent to Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch NJ to get treated, and that is when I met Dr. Plakas. The staff took X-rays and I was told that I had fractures in both my lower left tibia and fibula. At such an important time in my football career, the news I had just received made me very worried about recovery time, and when I would be able to return for my senior season. Dr. Plakas then told me that I would need surgery the next morning, and with his calm demeanor, reassured me that it a procedure that will go well, and that I would be able to go after the surgery. Throughout my recovery, I had monthly checkups with Dr. Plakas, he carefully examined my ankle, making sure there was no issues. He truly cared about me getting back on the field, but by no means rushed my steps to recovery. I was placed in a hard cast, then a boot, and lastly a brace with prescribed physical therapy. With guidance from Dr. Plakas, I was able to be ready for spring workouts my senior year. Later, I completed a successful senior season with no ankle pain. Fast forward to me playing college football and I feel as if I never I had an ankle injury. I sincerely thank Dr. Plakas for his work and helping me continue to play football the way I want. Even until this day, I know I can email Dr. Plakas with any questions or concerns I have, and he will respond, despite not being my orthopedic. For example, when I recently fractured my wrist, I emailed him and asked if he could give me a referral to a wrist surgeon. Within the next 24 hours I received a response. He is indeed the man!

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Mekai G.

Gymnast with Surgical Treatment of Elbow Fracture/Dislocation

I cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Plakas.  Dr. Plakas treated my 13-year-old daughter’s dislocated and fractured elbow.  Emma is a competitive gymnast and was injured during a practice.  Dr. Plakas was the pediatric orthopedic surgeon on her case. He was so caring towards her and very clear with us on how her surgery and treatment would go. He made the follow-up appointments an easy process and was also available for any questions. Emma is fully healed and back at gymnastics. I highly recommend Dr. Plakas!

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Emma M.

Baseball Player Treated for Forearm Fracture

Dr. Plakas treated my 10-year-old son, who is a travel baseball player.  Aiden fractured his forearm at school and since I was lucky enough to already know Dr. Plakas, who had just treated my daughter’s previous injury, I immediately reached out to the office staff. The staff was so caring and understanding and they worked with me so Dr. Plakas could see my son in the emergency room.  There were decisions to be made about my son’s treatment and I had complete trust in Dr. Plakas’ recommendations. He is the most calming, caring and gentle pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  My son is fully healed and back to enjoying baseball.

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Aiden M.

Lacrosse Player with Surgical Treatment of Tibia Fracture

Dr. Plakas is an exceptional and a one-of-a-kind Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. He is beyond thorough, takes his time with his patients, has excellent bedside manner, a wonderful staff and always makes himself available. Dr. Plakas operated on my son to fix his broken tibia and growth plate in the middle of the night. As you can see in the picture, you would never know that my son, a lacrosse goalie, ever broke his right leg so badly at all. In fact, Dr. Plakas is truly my son’s inspiration to become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon! I would highly recommend him in a heartbeat. He is the best of the best!

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Brian C.

Baseball Player with Surgical Treatment of Patella Fracture

To put into words how wonderful Dr. Plakas is, we would need to write a book. His magical hands put our son back in action! His knee is stronger than ever. We are very thankful Dr. Plakas and his office was recommended to us. Amazing surgeon! Amazing team!

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Lorenzo S.